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Web plugins

You developed your own web service? As an example, delivery, payment gateway method or any other service. You might be a user of an existing online service that does not offer a plugin and you would like to connect the service to your online store or some other ERP, CRM, CMS system or some other "CUSTOM" solution. Contact us for development! We will be happy to respond to a new challenge. Contact or ask to make your new plugin today!


Selling online is a great opportunity for any entrepreneur, if years ago it was more an exception than the way to go, the time of the epidemic finally sobered us up and showed the benefits of such business. How to get to an online store is no longer a question of how to get to an automated store from day one and this is an advantage that is not offered everywhere by regulated accounting, delivery and payments! Contact us today and we will put together your new "bestseller".

Web sites

Modernly designed, responsive, ptimized complex or simple web pages, with a theme related to the operation of the company. We coordinate the content with the client, if the client lacks materials for the web, we come to his aid and produce both photo and video content. Layout and publication of the page are the first step of 199 other steps to be made. How to make all 200 steps? Contact us, and we will be happy to show you! You can contact us via e-mail, Messenger, Whatsapp or Viber.

We offer you active assistance with digital services and the graphic design of your product or company!

With us, your entry into the digital world will be much easier. An open attitude and an understanding approach. We are a success-oriented team and we provide you with all your new products quickly and without undue burden, whether it is just a website or a store that may even sell a new module.

Contact us today!

Why choose us?

We are a small family business with many years of experience in the field of web and web technologies. Together with our partners and colleagues, we have been taking care of our customers since 2008. After the transformation of the company in 2017, we continued this path even faster and stronger.

To make it easier for you

The online projects we undertake are driven by passion, drive and very strong energy, backed by the excellent knowledge of our employees as this is the perfect combination that ultimately yields the right results.

Both large and small companies have trusted us with the development of their application solutions.

You too can be one of them. Join our development environment easily and quickly. Let our management and production team bring out your next digital project with confidence.

Credit manager

Sisbon-related credit management software solution. For client credit manament, with a lot rich automated features.

Business solutions

“CRM/ERP” software environments for running small or medium companies engaged in sales and delivery.


Production of all types of modules, payment systems, delivery services, accounting programs. You imagine it we will produce.

Spletne rešitve

Web development, E-commerce, Web design, and other design taking over management for store owners.

Credit Manager

Credit management software solution with automatic reporting to slovenian main bank and full customer notification.

It is characterized by:
– Modular design with excellent function modules;
– Dynamic design;
– Sisbon ready;
– Cloud solution;
– Possibility of physical operation of a separate branch;
– Unlimited seating
– Possibility of contacting loans without contact business without physical interaction, which has unfortunately become a new reality;
– There is always the possibility of expanding or making a module according to your wishes and custom;
– The solution has been present on the Slovenian market for more than 5 years.

The software solution is suitable for small and medium-sized lenders. Contains: – Management of clients; – Payment management; – Issuance of all documents; – Informing clients; – Monitoring clients; – Current status management; – Business statistics, and much more … You can find more information at the link below, if you have not found the necessary information, contact us and we will be happy to help you.

We have already helped more than 100 entrepreneurs / companies "SME's" to enter the world of digital content.

We will also help you come up with simple or complex solutions that will bring you additional resources of both knowledge and capital in the future.

Latest portfolio of partners that we work with.

pripeljisi izdelava modulov za napreden sistem obdelave pošiljk za Pošto slovenije in GLS.​
Prenova grafične podobe, spletna stran, spletna trgovina po meri narejenega pohištva, delovna oblačila.
FK CZ d.o.o. izdelava spletne strani spletne podobe in logotipa podjetja.
Credit manager, sisbon samodejno poročanje.
Credit manager, naprednejši sistem spletni vmesnik in sisbon samodejno poročanje.
Zmajevo gnezdo d.o.o. izdelava logotipa spletne podobe. Povezava socialnih medijev.

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24h help and assistance in case of non-functioning of the website, store, application, even if the site or store was not made by us.

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