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About us

Who are we? What are we doing? What are we up to? Where do we see each other? Where are we sailing to? Many questions and more answers follow.
Zakaj izbrati nas?

We are always striving to improve the ways you currently base your online business. We look for all the new benefits and added value.

We are convinced that information is currently the most powerful thing of modern time. Just imagine that this information that we have is optimised, organised and easily accessible, just where our power and abilities would go.

It is a common sense that technology has advanced greatly in recent times but without the right logic behind it, this technology is as valuable as the most beautiful paper weight. New logical paths show a complete transformation of technology with the full implementation of “AI” logic, which will ensure rapid and responsive identification of everyday challenges we face. It is with the development of such solutions that we get a program that frees us from unpleasant tasks, for example: writing contracts, reminders and similar things all by itself leaning to your habits and other ways.

We have already helped more than 100 companies automate and accelerate business processes.

Now we can help you too, if you wish.

I was amazed how quickly we all got arranged and how fast everything was going. All i'm saying is i could not recommend this team enough.
Barbara Brown
CEO Bilavo S.A.
Who are we?

We are a company that will support your digital ambitions. Anytime and anyplace.

We are a small but active company and we are part of a group of companies that think the same and develop equally fast, we work locally and globally and we adapt our way of working to this.

We have been on the market since 2017 and we are gaining momentum every year and we have a solid set of customers mostly from abroad.

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